Museosphere - Get Inspired!


Museosphere is a web application, which recommends museums in a given city, based on your favorite artist and on your favorite artistic movement.




In order to discover museums, which display works of art that you will certainly enjoy, please enter the name of your favorite artist and the name of your favorite artistic movement. Please note that you can choose to enter only one of the two criteria.


The “Glossary” button is there to help you decide on an artist or on an artistic movement. This button will direct you to a page containing an alphabetical list of artists and movements, respectively. Once you have clicked on a name, you will be redirected to the homepage where the chosen name will appear in the textbox.


Lastly, you can choose to enter the name of the city which you plan to visit, or you can click on the "Locate me" button, which will automatically retrieve your current location.This option automatically identifies your location. Unfortunately, if there are no museums in your location, the application is unable to suggest you museums. Therefore, we advise you to enter the name of a big city that is closest to your location. However, you can also choose not enter any city, should you wish to find museums displaying the works of your artistic preferences, anywhere in the world.


Please click on the "Search for Museums" button, to discover the list of recommended museums based on your criteria.


Results Page


On this page, the application will suggest a list of museums, which are presented in order of relevance. At the top of the page you will see your criteria and an "X" symbol next to each one. If you click on the "X", this will eliminate the specific criterion, generating a new results page of suggested museums.


Also, underneath each criterion, there is a link to its respective Wikipedia article, which will open in the language that you selected for Museosphere.


You can also modify one or more criteria by clicking on the "Modify my search" button. You will then be directed to the homepage, where you will be able to make the changes. Should you want to start a new search, please click on the "Home" button.


For each recommended museum, you will find a short description, photos of its works of art, its opening hours, its address and its position on the map. By clicking on the map, the Google Maps website will open in a new window, showing you the location of the museum in the given city.