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About Muséophile


Early Beginnings

Museosphere was conceived by Mara Dumitru in 2011, while she was studying Computer Science at the American University of Paris. Throughout the class in Semantic Web , lectured by Dr. Milan Stankovic, Mara’s passion for art and technology inspired her to initiate and develop the Java-based application, called at that time Museum Recommender.



In 2013, the French Ministry of Culture offered Mara Dumitru the chance to implement her project, as part of the Sémanticpédia collaborative platform. Thus, Museosphere, which is an experimental project, came to life thanks to SÉPAGE, the company specializing in Semantic Web technologies, founded by Dr. Milan Stankovic.


The Contributive Element

The data used by Museosphere derives from the French DBpedia, which constitutes an extraction of structured information from the French Wikipedia. Therefore, whenever the list of recommended museums is short or empty, it is because the article on the French Wikipedia corresponding to the chosen artist is incomplete. Consequently, it is possible to contribute to the French Wikipedia and enrich the infoboxes of artists with their works of art and their museum location. It is up to you to make a difference!